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Reboot Republic is the innovative Podcast that delves beyond the headlines and soundbites and pulls up the roots of our Social Crises to unearth progressive solutions. We talk to world leading experts, politicians, activists and everyday change-makers. This not about tinkering around the edges. Hosted by Lecturer of Social Policy in Maynooth University and Social Justice Campaigner Dr Rory Hearne and independent podcast nerd Tony Groves, we look beyond the political speak for real, globally tried and tested solutions. Reboot Republic aims to be the podcast for an optimistic and inclusive future and not the polarised present.

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Róisín Shorthall

Róisín walks us through her time in government, explains why she was willing to act on her principles and shares with us a fascinating insight on the reasons behind her resignation.

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Wayne Stanley

Our guest is research and policy analyst with Focus Ireland, Wayne Stanley, who discusses working on homelessness, its causes and the underlying issues.

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Seamus Coffey

Seamus outlines that there is the money to invest in a major public housing programme- it’s just a question of priorities.

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Mary Lou McDonald

Getting behind the sound bites in an open and honest conversation with President of Sinn Féin, Dublin TD and potential future Taoiseach, Mary Lou McDonald.

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Michael Taft

Brexit is almost upon us so what should the Government be doing? We are joined by Researcher and Economist for SIPTU, Michael Taft, to talk about the steps we can take right now.

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John Harris

We are delighted to welcome back Guardian Columnist and British Political Commentator of the Year, John Harris, to talk us through the current state of the Conservative Party made mess that is Brexit.

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Orla O’Connor

Director of the National Women’s Council of Ireland Orla O’Connor joins us to talk challenges and hopes of women in Ireland today.

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Emmet Kirwan #DublinOldschool

Emmet tells the stories of Austerity that you cannot see on a spreadsheet. His play Dublin Oldschool captures the highs and lows of the drug scene, without glamourising it.

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