Back With A Bang – Season 2 Ep.1

After a week off, we’ve plenty of catching up to do with the latest Covid surge, with political mayhem, with sport back, and with climate chaos. Thus we are whisking you straight off to Brazil where Tom Hennigan in Sao Paulo, Dave Caren in the oft-forgotten poorer north-east, and Marvio dos Anjos in Rio de Janeiro talk us and take us through the pandemic and the lack of leadership as a slow-motion car crash unfolds. You’ve heard the numbers, now hear the reality.

Back in Ireland we’ve finally got a government that no one seems to want, even the parties forming it, and on that we’re joined by Darragh O’Brien of Fianna Fail who has played a key role in the formation and will likely play a key role after formation. We talk tents, tantrums, tribunals and an eye-sore of a leader.

Over in sport Liverpool have reached the promised land and are already unbearable in victory, while Leeds are closing in on a return to the top flight. Journalists Michael Foley, Dion Fanning and Diarmuid Doyle have suffered along with those clubs and look at the journey and the destination, featuring marriage hype, Qatari blood money, Sean Dundee and Osama Bin Laden.

That’s all before the news of the week and Ewan’s monologue on the herpes of politics taking charge in Ireland – it’s bad but it gets worse when you realise how hard it is to shake.

Time Stamps:

3.10 Things that caught our attention this week with Ewan and Tony. Featuring Donald Trump’s empty seats, water drinking ability and incestuous streak; Siberia as a tanning salon and beach destination; Covid of course; the real destroyer coming right behind it; and those people who talk about white lives mattering.

18.37 The Monologue.

27.15 The Crisis in Brazil with Tom Hennigan of the Irish Times, podcast host Dave Caren, and poet and writer Marvio dos Anjos.

1:00.20 Ireland and her Grand Old Parties with Darragh O’Brien TD.

1:50.45 Liverpool’s and Leeds’ relative famines with Michael Foley of the Sunday Times, Dion Fanning of and Diarmuid Doyle of The Last Word.

Join us:

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