Chaos Theory – Ep.6

It’s not only around the world in 90 minutes, but also a look at the past, present and future.

Sarah Kendzior, author of the bestselling Hiding In Plain Sight and The View From Flyover Country, joins us from the United States as we delve into the American psyche and that American psycho. Pete Davies is on to talk about his book Catching Cold: 1918’s Forgotten Tragedy and the Scientific Hunt for the Virus That Caused It. With him we relive the horrors of yesteryear, the near miss in the 1990s, as well as what we did and didn’t learn when we had the chance. Meanwhile in sport, Miguel Delaney, the Independent’s chief football writer, is on to discuss how this might rout the landscape of British football as the small clubs toil and fail, and how it might bring a dreaded European SuperLeague one more step closer.

Plus, if that’s not enough, Ewan is back with his weekly monologue, this episode looking at the uncomfortable similarity between Ireland’s pandemic reaction and Ireland’s celebration of rugby failure.

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