Collateral Damage

Covid, covid, covid. We’re told to be terrified and locked down by those in charge who continue to fail in so many areas. But is it really something to be petrified of, and is the treatment becoming worse than the disease? While fear can be good, on this episode we look at the reality behind the scare tactics.

From a medical perspective, Professor Hugh Pennington CBE, emeritus professor of bacteriology at the University of Aberdeen and global expert in this sphere, joins us to talk about the very real damage the virus can and is doing, the global governance during it, the economic damage, the rise of other overlooked diseases, and he offers a more sensible way to handle this.

From a political perspective, despite all the mistakes and vested interests in Ireland, those behind them and the destruction of the economy are getting a free ride while the media focus on the past of the opposition rather than the present of those calling the shots. In doing so they are influencing minds in a very cynical fashion. Kevin Doyle of the Irish Independent is the current political journalist of the year and doesn’t agree. He’s also here to talk about Leo, Michéal, Sinn Fein, and the potential collapse of the government as the schools open their doors.

Meanwhile in sport, while much of that industry has taken a battering, one area continues to manipulate, abuse and ultimately profit in ever-growing amounts. Gambling is the silent disease enveloping more and more via no more than phone screens and has become the anti-sport while taking over so much of it. Declan Lynch of the Sunday Independent has helped highlight this scourge more than anyone and he tells us about what is being done to so many people and what if anything can be done to stop what is now a bigger issue than doping.

And that’s before the monologue and the news of the week.


From 3.24 – News of the week featuring Donald’s hair, Priti Patel’s ice cream wars, doctors milking the common person, gang wars being turned into race wars, schools rugby, senators thieving and the continued removal of civil liberties.

From 31.06 – The Monologue looks at the many Irish experts raking it in from government to NPHET and the HSE to the HSA who failed in their jobs, took the side of big business, take no responsibility for again ignoring the obvious, and now expect to punish you as a result while burying the truth.

From 47.22 – Professor Hugh Pennington on the medical realities of Covid and the impact it is having by being seen as the be-all and end-all.

From 1:27.22 – Kevin Doyle of the Irish Independent on the media love in with the political establishment.

From 2:07.39 – Declan Lynch of the Sunday Independent on what is now the big story of the sporting sphere. Move over doping, gambling is the dangerous blight.

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