Conall Ó Fátharta – #IllegalAdoptions Ep.163

Ireland has a troubled history of dealing with women and children and our guest in the tortoise shack, Senior Reporter with the Irish Examiner, Conall Ó Fátharta, has dedicated much of his career to writing about and documenting it all.

His work on Mother and Baby Homes, Magdalene Laundries and Illegal Adoptions is some of the most important journalism undertaken about the horrendous things done by this State and its Institutions.

Conall traveled from Cork to talk about his work, the incredible people he has met and how this isn’t just our history, it is our present as well.

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  1. Ireland's holocaust: 20th-century contempt for women and their children - morphed into 21st-century denial by Irish State

    I applaud the speaker Conall Ó Fátharta for his continued work but it is clear to any outsider that the Irish State will never change: Ireland is a corrupt little island which buries the records of its criminal activity against its most vulnerable citizens. The history of the Irish State is a dark history, a shameful history. Its government continues to institutionalise the most vulnerable of society with its Direct Provision cages. Witness also the Dickensian attitudes of government towards homeless persons in 2019, and the continued evictions of Irish families from their homes, as Irish government Ministers have, to all intents and purposes, replaced the absentee landlords of 19th-century Ireland in forcing people from their homes. The Irish State makes no attempt to respect the rights of its citizens: instead, government Ministers line their pockets and receive pension upon pension.

    The machinery of incarceration in Ireland is still intact and government is not prepared to admit to its criminal activity, past and present. Ireland is no “progressive” State – it is a place where its citizens prefer to suggest they knew nothing of the torture of women and children, whilst pointing the finger, conveniently, at the Church, insinuating that Irish society was blameless. I despair of the Irish – a soulless people, too spineless to take responsibility for their crimes and their orchestration of a machinery of incarceration and torture. The interviewers rightly highlight the fact that the Irish government refuses compensation for the crimes committed against these women whose children were stolen from them. Ireland still denies these women justice.

  2. Many natural mothers are only in their 40s and 50s – this is NOT history – this is current day, and the Irish State forced these women to have their children adopted, after they were incarcerated in these Homes for Unmarried Mothers (they were not called “Mother & Baby Homes” – that’s revisionism and minimising the stigma and shame enforced on these women).
    This is current abuse of human rights – the women forced into Unmarried Homes have had their babies stolen from them by the Irish State so it’s time Zappone and the rest of the corrupt government apparatus pay compensation for the crimes of Ireland against these women.

  3. IRELAND is an appalling place for women and the Irish government/State is responsible for these crimes. All adoptions were forced – Ireland condemned ALL women who had children outside wedlock. Single mothers were shunned by Irish society and forced, ultimately, to leave Ireland so they could live in peace, without societal condemnation. The current government is as guilty for not addressing its crimes so an “apology” is a joke and an offence to people whose lives have been destroyed by Ireland. Empty words and drivel from government so-called “ministers”. Redress is appalling – women whose babies were forced from them by the Irish State must be compensated for a lifetime of suffering and the theft of their child. These are crimes committed by the Irish State. Hypocritical Irish in scapegoating the Church for the crimes of the Irish State which comprises Irish society. Uncivilised country.

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