#CrypticCryptids with Vanessa Ifediora and Michael Fry – Ep.4

Vanessa Ifediora and Michael Fry #CrypticCryptids

In this week Ruth’s Natural Selection Box we ask: Why did the Nessy cross the road? Do Humany-Watery-People object to being called Mermaids? Is Navan built adjacent to a Big Foot colony? How did syphilis jump the species barrier? And Are Puma’s Fenian’s?

To not really answer any of these questions we have Photographer and Humany-Watery-People Advocate, Vanessa Ifediora and Joe.ie trouble maker/Neanderthal Spokesperson, Michael Fry.

And you thought Brexit was chaotic.

Buy Vanessa’s photos at vanessaifediora.com and harass @BigDirtyFry at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW6sLbjZBlnjHOlvJxvatUw

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Artwork by @Ciaraioch

Intro by Tomás O Máthúna

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