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Disturbing the Peace is a podcast focused on the less-talked-about topics in Ireland. Hosted by content creator and writer Rachel O’Neill, the podcast aims to tackle those subjects that you don’t always hear or read about. It might make you laugh, it might make you cry, it might even make you squirm. The point of it is to make you think about things and see things in a new light and maybe learn something while you’re at it. Follow us on @dtp_pod to keep up with all the latest news and if you’re looking for someone annoying on Twitter to follow, @ronronzo is your gal. Happy listening!

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Linda Hayden & Ciara Dunne – #Quarantinder

As week 2 of the general shutdown comes to a close, we decided that we’d dive into the topics that really matter at a time like this. So how are people feeling about Tinder? We were delighted to welcome back our favourite Tinder correspondent Ciara Dunne as well as stand up comedian Linda Hayden to get their view on what’s going on, how people are adapting to video call dates and the strangest interactions they’ve had so far.

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Tortoise Shack Remote
Vibes & Scribes

Martin, Rachel, Caroline, Ruth and Tony talk Comrade Britney, social distancing, the Covid-19 elephant in the room, the bare necessities and ways to get that beach body in time for summer, 2022. Not for little ears, but we had a great laugh.

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Tortoise Shack Remote

Rachel, Martin, Rory, Tony and our newest member, Caroline West, got together via Zoom this evening to talk Covid-19, Air BnB, Housing, Tinder and Caroline’s new podcast, Glow West.

We discuss the need to look after our most vulnerable and how there’s always room for some social distancing laughs.

Mind yourself and yours!

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Tate Donnelly

We often say that young people should get involved in politics. Tate Donnelly decided to take it a step further and become the Green Party candidate in Cavan/Monaghan in #GE2020. He joins Rachel in studio to discuss why he decided to run for election, what he learned on the campaign trail, 4am abusive calls and living on adrenaline for the entire campaign.

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Loïc Wright

Having completed a Masters in Sexuality Studies and currently completing his PhD that studies how masculinity was measured and conceived in Irish literature, it’s safe to say that Loïc Wright knows a lot about masculinity. He joins Rachel in studio to discuss why the term ‘toxic masculinity’ doesn’t really explain the many different masculinities that exist as well as how he addressed his own feelings around masculinity, destructive behaviour and opening up.

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Robbie Lawlor

When Robbie Lawlor was diagnosed with HIV at the age of 21, he wasn’t sure where to go or what to do in terms of support. He wasn’t sure how people would react and what his life would look like now. 8 years on Robbie has become an advocate for HIV healthcare in Ireland as well as revealing his status on the Late Late Show. He joins Rachel in studio to discuss the current HIV crisis in Ireland, the different kinds of stigma people with HIV suffer and how he’s become the person he needed when he was 21.

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Joanna O’Malley

It’s hard to be positive about the climate and the future of the planet at the moment. Everything you read about climate change can be very overwhelming and leave you wondering what the point of anything is. Luckily Joanna O’Malley isn’t one of these people. She’s set up a group called Preserve Ireland who want to show everyone the changes they can make to help. She joins Rachel in studio to discuss why she set up the group, what she wants to achieve with it and why you don’t need to be an expert on climate change to get involved.

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David Kent
Pamela McKiernan

In the last 10-15 years, we’ve erased much of the stigma around mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression. People now feel they can talk openly about their experiences and how they manage day-to-day. However, there are some mental health conditions that still suffer from stigma with less understanding and empathy for them. One of these conditions is bipolar disorder and to better understand what it’s like to have the condition, Rachel is joined by David Kent and Pamela McKiernan to discuss their experiences with bipolar disorder.

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Dr Caroline West

Nearly all of us have watched porn at some point in our lives. In fact, because of smartphones we’re accessing it at younger and younger ages, way before we’re ready to handle what we’re watching. With a sex education system that doesn’t mention porn at all, we’ve left an entire generation to discover how to handle porn and its effects. So how do you have a conversation about porn without it leading to a Helen Lovesjoy style hand-wringing? Well for starters you ask Dr Caroline West who is in the studio to discuss porn, its effects and why we need to be better communicators.

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Emily Reynolds

Relationships usually follow the same path. You meet, fall in love, get married and then decide to start a family. But sometimes, it isn’t as easy as you were led to believe. One in six couples in Ireland will face fertility problems and Emily Reynolds is in one of those couples. Having been told at 19 she would be unable to have kids, Emily and her partner embarked down the IVF treatment road. She joins Rachel in studio to chat about what it’s like to undergo IVF, why the Church needs to be removed from healthcare and how her partner has a whole new understanding of the term ‘light saber’.

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Killian Woods

As the general election looms, one of the topics on everyone’s lips will be housing. What’s the plan? What kind of building is happening at the moment? What is the difference between shared living and co-living? Who is going to win Love Island? Joining Rachel in the studio to answer these questions and discuss why he adores Love Island, housing and student media is Business Post reporter Killian Woods.

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Caoimhe Catriona

Around 15 years ago, the idea of sending nudes was something that scandalised many people. As a woman, if your intimate pictures were leaked (even if it was through no fault of your own) often many people would blame you for taking the photos in the first place. In 2020, many of us have taken a different view with more and more people taking agency over their own bodies and doing what they want with them. One of the best examples of this is the popularity of OnlyFans. So who better to explain what OnlyFans is than someone who’s been using it even before it hit the mainstream?

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Eric Fitzgerald

Being single can be hard. However, being single and trying to work out who you are and what you want when you’ve spent a large part of your 20s in a relationship is a hell of a lot harder. Having decided to avoid dating apps, Rachel has questions. How is your mental health impacted? How do you adjust to being alone? How do you begin to accept yourself and do more stuff on your own? Joining Rachel in the Singleton Shack to give her answer these questions as well as speak candidly about his own experience of being single for nearly 2 years is avid NFL and Munster fan and absolute sounder, Eric Fitzgerald.

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Seán Defoe

The British election has come and gone and has left us with many questions. Why did Laura Kuenssberg tweet out stories that were clearly untrue such as the claim that a Tory aide had been punched in the face? Are political journalists too close to those they’re supposed to hold to account? Joining Rachel in studio to answer these questions as well as predict what might happen in our own general election in 2020 is Group Political Correspondent for Communicorp, Seán Defoe.

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Review & Predictions

A Tortoise Shack crossover pod for Christmas. Some highs and lows for 2019 and we share our social, political and personal goals for 2020.

A huge thank you to all our listeners. We are so appreciative of every share, recommendation and suggestion.

Special mention to our patreon members, Echo, Reboot and DTP wouldn’t exist without your showing that you believe in it.

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Peter McGann

We’re back at the Wiley Fox for another live show! Good comedy tends to be comedy that punches up rather than down. Recently prominent comedians like Ricky Gervais seem to think that saying things like “I identify as an Apache helicopter” are the pinnacle of comedy. So is it possible to be funny in our so-called “PC era”? Comedian, writer and all-round good-egg Peter McGann joins Rachel to discuss his own career, how to be funny and why we all need to calm down a little.

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Paul Hosford

Is there anything more nerve-wracking than becoming a parent? Rachel doesn’t think so but then again she’s about as close to becoming a parent as she is to buying her own home. So instead former journalist Paul Hosford has come into the Tortoise Shack to chat to Rachel about the prospect of becoming a dad for the first time in March, the nerves about the baby being born on February 29th 2020 and why he started a newsletter about everything going on in his head.

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Rachel Eustace

Fashion is the second biggest polluter in the world, just behind oil. Our consumption habits have been worsened by the rise of fast fashion outlets like H&M, Zara, Pretty Little Thing, Boohoo and Missguided. With environmental impacts at every stage of the process, reducing our reliance on fast fashion is becoming more and more important. So how do we do that? Joining Rachel in studio is content creator, YouTuber and sustainability enthusiast Rachel Eustace.

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Sinéad Burke

Our guest in The Tortoise Shack is educator, advocate, superstar and proud Finglas woman, Sinéad Burke. Sinéad talks about what drives her and how pushing herself to go to where people are to educate and advocate makes a much greater impact. She shares her experiences of living as a little person and some of the brilliant ideas she has for tackling prejudices and access inequalities. We also discuss her new podcast ‘As Me with Sinead’ and the motivation behind it.

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Megan Ward

With rents at their highest since the boom, more and more of us are finding it harder to justify staying in Ireland. Emigration to places like the UK, Canada and Australia is becoming increasingly popular with cheaper rents and better opportunities. Joining Rachel in studio to discuss her impending emigration to Canada is Megan Ward who explains why she chose Canada, the difficulties she’s faced in Ireland and why it’s time to go.

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Paola Rivetti
Sonia Balagopalan

Intersectional feminism is a branch of feminism asserting how different aspects of social and political identity discrimination overlap. However, in mainstream feminism we often see white, middle-class people being the main voice rather than people of all different backgrounds. Joining Rachel in the studio to discuss how we move past White Feminism are Sonia Balagopalan and Paola Rivetti of the Migrant and Ethnic Minorities for Reproductive Justice (MERJ).

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Gavan Casey

Losing a family member is hard at any time, but losing a parent at 17 years of age is a pain that not many of us can imagine. Nobody gives you a handbook on how to cope with it and the impact that it has on you, your family and your life, in general, is rarely talked about. Gavan Casey, sports journalist with the 42 joins Rachel in studio to discuss the impact losing his father at 17 has had on him and his family, the grieving process and how people can empathise but rarely understand what you’re going through.

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Dean Van Nguyen

There’s been a worrying rise in racism in Ireland over the past few years. But has it always been there just lurking under the surface or have we become more racist as a society? And why do media outlets insist on giving platforms to people like Justin Barrett and Peter Casey? Music journalist and author Dean Van Nguyen joins Rachel in studio to answer these questions as well as talking about his own experience of growing up Irish-Vietnamese and why the Irish music scene is giving a voice to those we don’t hear enough from.

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Rachael Cox
Colleen King

With a housing crisis in full swing, many millenials are having to stay at home for longer. While they’re lucky to be able to do that, it does come with a price – your dating life. Whether it’s a Tinder date or a long-term partner, trying to have a fulfilling relationship when you’re living at home is extremely difficult. Joining Rachel in studio to discuss their house rules and near misses are co-host of the Saturday Brunch Show on Dublin City FM Rachael Cox and law student Colleen King.

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