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Disturbing the Peace is a podcast focused on the less-talked-about topics in Ireland. Hosted by content creator and writer Rachel O’Neill, the podcast aims to tackle those subjects that you don’t always hear or read about. It might make you laugh, it might make you cry, it might even make you squirm. The point of it is to make you think about things and see things in a new light and maybe learn something while you’re at it. Follow us on @dtp_pod to keep up with all the latest news and if you’re looking for someone annoying on Twitter to follow, @ronronzo is your gal. Happy listening!

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Steve O’Rourke #PainInTheFace

Steve O’Rourke lives with one of the most painful conditions in the world – trigeminal neuralgia but yet you would never know.

He joins Rachel in studio to discuss living with chronic pain, the effect it’s had on his mental health and how he’s come to terms with it all.

Warning: This episode contains several references to suicide.

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Scott Evans

Ireland’s attitude to religion has changed drastically in the last 20 years with many asking what role does religion play in our daily lives?

UCD chaplain Scott Evans joins Rachel in the studio to discuss how students rely on him a lot more than you’d think and the future of religion in Ireland.

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Kate McGrew

With two migrant sex workers facing prison time in Kildare, the Nordic model is coming under increasing scrutiny. Why isn’t it working for sex workers and why were they ignored when this model was being put forward in 2018? Joining Rachel in studio is chair of Sex Workers Alliance Ireland, Kate McGrew to discuss sex workers rights, decriminalisation and why Ireland’s attitude to sex workers is changing.

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Michael Fry

For many millenials, being able to move out is seen as the main goal. But with ever-increasing rents and fewer houses to go around, this seems unachievable. Joe.ie’s Head of Social and sketch comedian Michael Fry joins Rachel in the studio to discuss commuting from Navan, insane rent prices and what he would do if he was the Minister for Housing.

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