Dr Ciara Conlon #Access2Meds Ep.155

Irish patients have access to fewer new medicines than those in other EU countries and have to wait longer to get them.

Some of the issues behind access are complex, some, not so complex.

We are joined in The Tortoise Shack by Dr. Ciara Conlan from Access to Medicines Ireland, to discuss what can be done to improve access, the work Ciara is doing in Access to Medicines Ireland and the global crisis in profiteering from medicines that are vital to millions of people for survival.

Dr Conlon talks us through some of the global controversies and explains what changes are necessary in order to continue to support Research and Development, while delivering an affordable product. Patients deserve better.

Access To Medicines Ireland are hosting their 3rd Annual Conference on Tuesday the 16th of April in the Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin 2.

Tickets are available here: https://www.eventbrite.com/

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