Dumbocracy – Season 2 Ep.4

On this episode, we’re talking China with Sophie Richardson of Human Rights Watch. Over many months now whispers have been growing regarding the treatment of the Uighurs in the west of the country and more and more footage has been shared online regarding what the authorities refer to as re-training. It’s led to louder and louder chatter of a genocide taking place, but what is really going on, who and what should you believe, and if it is indeed the evil of that worst-case scenario what can the world do about?

From there we speak with Mark Bauerlein, the author of The Dumbest Generation back in 2008. A dozen years ago he thought humanity had hit rock bottom but never could he have imagined the 12 years that followed, thus he’s here to talk about what led him to his work initially, the studies that proved him right, life since, as well as the silencing of and trampling on the American right that means a brutal time lies ahead.

In sport this week, we’re looking at UK’s sports golden era. If it were Russia you’d have worried, but so many lost the truth behind the cheer-leading and marketing of moral and physical superiority. It’s all rubbish though with a series of investigations by Nick Harris and Edmund Willison beginning to lift the lid on how those taking to podiums may have been no more than human guinea pigs. Both of those journalists along with Sean Ingle of The Guardian join us to rake over that, UKAD, and a lovely story that never added up.

That’s all before the news of the week, and the monologue where Ewan looks at the hyperbole around Covid and how those in cushy jobs and on good money are costing a lot of people their livelihoods in the name of a pandemic that could have been far more dangerous and brutal.

From 3.01 – News of the Week including the meaning of populism, a shit show of a government, and guess who is the is the lying, bluffing, spoofing, hypocritical, two faced, egotistical, entitled, arrogant snob?
From 25.35 – The monologue.
From 35.35 – China with Sophie Richardson.
From 1:08.20 – You’re so dumb and getting dumber, with Mark Bauerlein.
From 1:56.24 – Sport as the UK’s triumphs get morally and perhaps legally sullied more and more.

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