Ep.14 My Dad, My Hero

In the keeping with the theme of resilience and hope, this week’s PAC Woman Podcast is something completely different. It is an old recording, thought lost, from a Podcast called Me and My hosted by the lovely Martin McMahon. In this recording from Nov 2018, Linda Hayden was asked to bring a significant person in her life to record with her, and she brought her hero, her Dad Gerry Hayden. There is a TW for Child Sex Abuse, Institutional Abuse, Alcohol Addiction, Alzheimers, but it is a beautiful story of a normal man’s life that was turned completely upside down when he was placed into Artane Industrial School at 10 years of age for mitching school, and the long reaching impact that has had on his life right up to today. Please listen, it’s a hard but uplifting story.

Artwork by @Ciaraioch

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