Fear Change Or Change Fear Ep.4

Still there? Well it’s not like you’ve anywhere to go for now, but what you emerge into will be a very different world. This week we look at what might and will lie ahead.

In terms of your finances and our economics, we talk to Eddie Hobbs about the size of the bill, how it will be paid, and who should be expected to pay it. In terms of politics, we talk to MEP Mick Wallace about how Italy were literally ignored by so-called friends, how the Netherlands and Germany want to hoard their stash, how the union itself is under threat, as greed replaces promoted togetherness, and what he expects to see as Ireland’s Grand Old Parties make a move for power. And in terms of personal transition, this week’s big sporting interview is John McGrath. He’s the Waterford native whose own downs and troubles took him on a journey from rowing heights to martial arts with Bruce Lee’s coach, from hurling to bending steel with his teeth, from helping the best in South African rugby to finding an addict in a Cape Town slum and dragging him to the top of Olympic and world long jump podiums. What he’s learned in sport can help anyone and everyone regardless of their current situations.

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