God Rest Ye Merry Genitals – Ep.5

Paolo Viscardi & Dr. Ana Panigassi #Vaginas

In an extra special episode of Natural Selection Box, Ruth, Paolo Viscardi and Dr. Ana Panigassi tackle the most festive of topics: vaginas. What even IS a vagina and why do samba dancers have the best ones? Did dinosaurs have vaginas? And why did Ruth give up on a successful career in dinosaur erotica? Gather your loved ones, sit by the fire and pour yourself a brandy, then find the answers to all these questions and more on this Christmas edition of Ruth’s Natural Selection Box.

You can wish Ruth a happy birthday @RuthieFizz – Artwork by @Ciaraioch – Ana’s videos are @ here and find out more about the National Museum’s current Jurassic Skies exhibit at here

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