Inner City Helping Homeless #HousingFirst Ep.166

We are joined in the #TortoiseShack by old friends Anthony Flynn and Brian McLoughlin of Inner City Helping Homeless. Anthony has recently returned from a #HousingFirst fact finding mission in Helsinki, Finland. Unlike Ireland, Finland doesn’t have homeless hubs or emergency hotel accommodation, where homeless women and children languish, effectively warehoused, while the government outsources their responsibilities. No, Finland took the decision to tackle their housing crisis. You have to look very hard to find a homeless person on the streets of Helsinki. Finland had almost an identical rate of homelessness as Ireland a decade ago, but where theirs has been almost eradicated by their government with societal buy-in, ours has grown rapidly worse. We find out why.

Homelessness is not normal as Finland has proved. It doesn’t have to be this way. Get out on Saturday 18th for #raisetheroof and demand change.

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