Life Goes On – Season 2 Ep.7

All eyes and minds may be on Covid but the world carries on, much of it speeding up as the cliff face approaches. This week we wanted to delve into those other issues and raise some vital awareness.

The WWF has just released a report and it turns out humans have outdone themselves, wiping 68 per cent of populations from the face of the planet in a mere 50 years. The group’s director of global campaigns, Zach Abraham, joins us from Switzerland as we talk the sociology of it, whether we’ll ever really care, what can be done, what will be done, and what if nothing is done.

From there we return back to Ireland as, believe it or not, there are other illnesses going unchecked and untreated as the hyperbole of the pandemic has become a disease in its own right. John Wall, a terminal prostate cancer sufferer and patient advocate tells us about what’s been happening and more importantly not happening in that area, while clinical psychologist Dr Eddie Murphy discusses the mental health effects and remedies for all the chaos.

From there it’s onto sport and this week we’re going Stateside in the company of arguably the greatest sportswriter on the planet today, the incredible Wright Thompson of ESPN. With him we’ll be looking at the landscape and state of society in his neck of the woods through the prism of sport be it nooses in Nascar, LeBron’s latest stand, college sports pushing ahead, Trump’s golfing exploits, and even how horse racing reflects so much of their history and their present.

That’s all before we get near the monologue featuring Ewan’s love of the Late Late Show, Ryan Tubridy and NPHET, and the news of the week with Tony Groves.

Time Stamps:

From 28.57 – The monologue featuring RTE’s long streak of average, Ronan Glynn’s move to celebrity, the business of Covid, and the utter hyperbole being used to carve out power and a place in the future.
From 44.47 – Zach Abraham from the WWF on our epic destruction of so much around us and what happens if we keep on keeping on.
From 1:14.05 – John Wall, cancer patient advocate, and clinical psychologist Dr Eddie Murphy on the other illnesses and concerns that aren’t Covid but that are being driven by Covid.
From 2:11.47 – Wright Thompson of ESPN looks at American life today through the lens of sport.

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