Luke Neale #ClimateStrike Ep.149

Today thousands of students across the globe are taking to the streets to demand real Climate Action from their governments. Ireland is consistently described as a ‘Climate Laggard’ and while our Government release “Green-Washing” videos they are simultaneously blocking Green Legislation in the Dáil.

Our guest in The Tortoise Shack is River Projects Officer with Shropshire Wildlife Trust, Luke Neale. Luke, through his work in natural flood defence, has shown that not only can we #SlowTheFlow of climate change, but we can reverse the tide. He advocates for simple actions and strategies that cost a fraction of the big planning projects governments call too costly. Not only that, but instead of piles of concrete, you get more green areas, cleaner water and a naturally carbon reducing environment. You can learn more about Luke’s work by going to:

Join us for the price of a cup of coffee and help shape the conversation:

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