Nic Ndlovu – #DoYouSpeakEnglish?

The reaction to the murder of George Floyd by white police officers has caused protests around the world. Yet some people have asked why Irish people are getting angry and upset about it. While we may not have a tradition of police brutality, Ireland has its own problems with racism, problems that we have yet to address. How do we address it? We start by listening to Irish people of colour about their experiences. Nic Ndlovu came to Ireland from South Africa when he was 4 years old. He joins Rachel on the pod to discuss the microaggressions he has encountered throughout his life, what it’s like to be followed around a supermarket by a security guard when shopping and dealing with racism both online and offline.

This is an intense and uncomfortable chat and we need to be having more of this so we can address the problems in Irish society.

Black Lives Matter.

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