No Going Back – with Louise O’Reilly, Paul Murphy & Tianna Bartoletta

From the front line to the last line, this week’s episode looks at the various reactions to and situations caused by Covid 19. Risking their lives to save ours, we discuss the situation for staff in hospitals and nursing homes with Sinn Féin health spokesperson Louise O’Reilly and Solidarity People Before Profit TD Paul Murphy; hiding down the back we talk about how Donald Trump’s true colour isn’t orange after all, and how the Premier League and big sport couldn’t change their greedy ways even in a disaster. Meanwhile, as our weekly pick me up, three-time Olympic Gold medallist Tianna Bartoletta is the big interview, as she provides a silver lining to the doom and gloom via her remarkable off-track tale of fear, courage and strength.

8 mins – Monologue
17 mins – Interview with Louise O’Reilly and Paul Murphy
50 mins – Interview with Tianna Bartoletta
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