Outside it’s America with Philip O’Connor

As we near the time for schools to start reopening with what seems to be a ‘let’s hope for the best’ strategy, we decided to talk to our friend in Stockholm, Philip O’Connor, about the Swedish experience and what impact them NOT closing the schools has had. Philip talks us through the variances of outcomes in the Nordic/Scandinavian region and breaks down in an accessible way the steps taken in Sweden that make it an outlier. Then we discuss Philip’s exciting new US Presidential campaign project, Outside it’s America – 50 States in 50 days and 50 podcasts.

To learn more and to support this project head to kickstarter.com/projects/philipoconnor/outside-its-america-50-podcasts-50-states-50-days
and check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1AzJAL5Tts

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