Pavlov’s Dog – Ep.2

With Vladimir Putin taking power for life in a referendum that offered train tickets and raffle prizes and was conducted out the back of vans, Russia knows it’s future. It’s the same as its recent past. To talk about the strong man leader’s ascent and use of power, we’re joined by Mark Galeotti, Honorary Professor at the University College London School of Slavonic & East European Studies, by Tanya Loksina who is the Russian expert at Human Rights Watch and by Moscow-based journalist Alan Moore.

Back home The Greens sold their souls although they’ll claim the price was to save the planet. We aren’t so sure as this comes across as a mess thus we hope to untangle a whole host of issues with their chairperson and Mayor of Dublin Hazel Chu.

In sport, Daniel Kinahan hasn’t gone away you know, as he pulls the strings of boxing from the shadows. To talk about him, morality, sports-washing and Fury-Joshua, journalist Gavan Casey of and Alan Dawson of are on the line.

That’s all before Ewan and Tony talk the week’s issues including one of them putting their foot in it, while in the monologue Ewan looks at a charmless man with an awful political history being the key for Fianna Fail when he ought to have been the lock.

Time Stamps
2.40 – News of the week, including Black Lives Mattered, Twitter mobs, and Kim Kardashian’s big congratulations.
18.35 – The Monologue.
27.23 – Putin’s power grab and Russia’s regression.
1:11.09 – Hazel Chu of The Green Party talks over the risk and rewards of their backing the old parties.
1:30.30 – The sports show featuring Daniel Kinahan, MTK, Arab ruthlessness and the moral line we all have to cross.

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