Power From the People – Ep.12

This week we delve into some of the ways in which democracy is under attack and explore the methods that has authoritarianism thriving and on the march.

In Hong Kong, it’s a year since a million people took to the streets but is this anniversary worthy of celebration and fond memories, what with Covid and Chinese persistence making it all for so little? With rights literally and legally under attack, we’re joined from there by journalist Oliver Farry and by Wilson Leung, barrister and member of the influential Progressive Lawyers Group, as they take us through the quietening of the protests, the new and frightening rules creeping closer, and the grim future for a place that may not for much longer be one of society’s great melting pots and information centres.

Sport has become a feature in this realm too and perhaps there’s no better example than Manchester City. The Premier League is returning, their appeal against European punishment is on the verge of a verdict, and yet that pales when you look at a once-proud club that today is predominantly a vessel for Abu Dhabi’s soft power. To look at them in the board room and court room, on the pitch and on the battle field that has run red, we’re joined by chief football writer of the Independent, Miguel Delaney, researcher, writer and Middle-East human rights expert Nicholas McGeehan, and Sam Lee, The Athletic’s City correspondent.

Meanwhile in the monologue Ewan looks at the standards Leo Varadkar says he has set around racism, and at the long list of racists he’s pushed, protected and promoted against these standards. Does Ireland’s leader therefore see a racist in the mirror, and should he? That’s all before we talk Daniel Kinahan, Brian Kennedy’s early hours sing-song, and that case about the prominent person that has gone away you know.


4.20 – A race through the news of the week. The unnamed sports star let free; Daniel Kinahan’s legitimisation; the best company to work for – the Irish people; Got bowel cancer? You’ve got Google too; Brian Kennedys lullaby; And more.
21.35 – The Monologue
34.30 – A year on from Hong Kong’s rebellion, China is getting its way. We rake over these past 12 months with journalist Oliver Farry and Wilson Leung, member of the Progressive Lawyers Group.
1:01.34 – Bad moon rising? Manchester City are in a whole host of blinding headlights. To break down the flaws, failures and perhaps even some hope, Miguel Delaney, Sam Lee and Nicholas McGeehan join Ewan.

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