Progress is a Zig Zag S.2 Ep.7

On this edition of The Black Eye, we revisit the United States madhouse with Reecie Colbert of Black Women Views Media and the #KHive. Melania’s denouncing bullying while her husband bullies right beside her, the race war carries on, and while a paralysed black man is chained up by police they offer water to a cold-blooded killer. Is there any sense? Is there any hope? Is there any humanity?

From there we go to where there is no sense or hope – namely to Irish politics. The government is tearing itself apart and taking chunks of the country down with it. Phil Hogan and Darragh Calleary are the latest representation of all that, and to defend the performance and arrogance of the ruling class Bernard Durkan, Fine Gael’s TD for Kildare North and Cathal Crowe, Fianna Fail’s representative from Clare, are with us.

Then it’s onto the sports show where editor of the Blizzard, Jonathan Wilson, and chief football writer at the Independent, Miguel Delaney look at Barcelona’s demise, Lionel Messi’s next destination, Neymar’s direction, Pep’s reputation, Manchester City’s glass jaw, and preview the Premier League as well.
That’s all before the news of the week and the monologue.


2.50 – News of the week featuring a call to arms if alcohol is banned, the fools in NPHET who can’t count to six, the fear of numbers that aren’t doing much harm in Europe, and why celebrity spats should be settled with brutal violence broadcast live for our entertainment.

27.07 – The monologue looks at the gravitational pull of Phil Hogan’s undercarriage, and how he comes from you, is just like you, thus you’re to blame rather than him.
34.00 – The USA, black lives and white supremacy with Reecie Colbert.

1:09.14 – Let’s all go to the circus of Irish politics. Cathal Crowe and Bernard Durkan join to discuss and defend the government.

2:15.58 – The Sports Show. Jonathan Wilson and Miguel Delaney talk Messi, Neymar, Manchester City and PSG, the Champions League just gone and the incoming Premier League season.

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