Reasonably Competent Clowns #TBE

On this edition of the show we’re off to the UK, where author and journalist Peter Hichens joins us to discuss what he says is the overstated fear-mongering around Covid, the forced use of muzzles, the attacks on civil liberties, as well as the Conservative jokers running his country into the ground.

After that it’s back to Ireland for a history lesson with Brian Hanley, who literally wrote the book on southern attitudes to the Troubles. We discuss with him the notion of modern revisionism of the 1970s to suit current agendas, all the while hailing De Valera and Collins as glorious patriots of the distant past.

In sport, Manchester City have won another hollow victory, this time in court, and journalists Tony Evans, Christoph Winterbach and Ian Herbert are all on the show as we converse about that ruling and the toxic nature of the club, its owners and backers, and their fans.

That’s before we get near the monologue and the rest of the happenings in recent days.


Time Stamps:

From 2.52 – The news of the week featuring Sleepy Eamon, Boozy Barry, Fianna Fail’s house of cards, Apple’s tax dodge, and the farcical and contradictory rules around travel.

From 22.34 – The monologue featuring a tale and hypocrisy around two funerals.

From 30.51 – A delve into the UK with Peter Hitchens.

From 1:02.47 – An Irish history lesson with Brian Hanley.

From 1:50.54 – Manchester City’s latest amoral success with Tony Evans and Christoph Winterbach while Ian Herbert joins us from 2:15.08.

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