Ruth’s Natural Selection Box

Ruth’s Natural Selection Box is a positive podcast smorgasbord of wildlife facts and environmental truths, with plenty of utterly believable bear-faced lies thrown in for good measure. In each episode, Ruth is joined by a selection of fellow chancers, codologists, and even occasionally some genuinely genuine experts, as they attempt to tackle the burning biological issues of the day: are we right to be suspicious of dolphins? What is the feline position on Brexit? How many shoes should an octopus wear, if an octopus could wear shoes?! Join us, on this wonderful and completely wild safari through science and mayhem! @RuthieFizz

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Ryan Dalton

In this episode of Ruth’s Natural Selection Box, with comedian Ryan Dalton, we ask some important questions.

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Vanessa Ifediora
Michael Fry

In this week Ruth’s Natural Selection Box we ask: Why did the Nessy cross the road? Do Humany-Watery-People object to being called Mermaids? Is Navan built adjacent to a Big Foot colony?

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Dr. Ana Panigassi

In an extra special episode of Natural Selection Box, Ruth, Paolo Viscardi and Dr. Ana Panigassi tackle the most festive of topics: vaginas.

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Tara Flynn

Ruth is joined by Tara Flynn and Paolo Viscardi to discuss things that go bump in the night.

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Linda Hayden

Ruth is joined by Linda Hayden and Ilaina Khairulzaman to discuss the porpoise of life.

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