Suspicious Minds Ep.9

When Covid became all too real, experts were suggesting that Vietnam and Taiwan would be hit hardest due to their proximity with China. But now that they’ve faired best, did this proximity, suspicion and downright dislike of their neighbours give them a key headstart? With rumours reaching Taiwan and hacks coming from Vietnam, we’re joined from both those nations by journalists Louise Watt and Michael Tatarski to discuss what happened.

In sport, Premier League PR and then a pandemic helped to bury a story about Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and his agent and friend Jim Solbakken that involved questionable practices, conflicts of interest, and an accused rapist that has been on the run from Norwegian law. But as the season gets ready to restart, we wanted to unearth it and are joined by Lars Johnsen to talk about the crazy case of baffling deals, captain’s armbands and Babacar Sarr.

All that and we haven’t even gotten to Ewan’s monologue. This week he looks at the media’s role throughout this with journalism so often traded for marketing and agendas. At a time when the industry was taking a battering, this was a chance to show its importance and to actually thrive. Instead so many outlets will be lucky to merely survive the biggest of stories.

Time stamps:
20.51 – The monologue.
30.53 – From Taiwan to Saigon, we discuss how the big bad boys on the block helped in an eastern miracle and how Vietnam and Taiwan became world leaders to look up to.

1:08.06 – The sports show looks at the dynamic duo and twin tales of Solskjaer and Solbakken, where questionable dealings took them inside arguably the biggest club in the world, and left a serious question over both due to the acts and actions of a fugitive.

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