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The Black Eye is the podcast that peels away the public relations veneer of sport and more, to reveal some ugly truths. Hosted by award winning journalist and author, Ewan MacKenna, each episode will deal with a subject from a perspective seldom seen on the front and back pages. Our mantra of ‘truthful, not neutral’ means this might not be for diehard fans who want yet more celebration of their favourite but highly flawed celebrity. But that’s okay with us.

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Sport vs Coronavirus Ep.1

And we’re off. Into isolation. In this first ever episode of The Black Eye, Ewan looks at the two paths we can go down when this pandemic frees up our thoughts again, and why we must be angry rather than relieved; he talks to economist Dan O’Brien about the monetary gloom that will follow the doom, there’s an exclusive interview with Horse Racing Ireland’s Chief Executive Brian Kavanagh, after they took the risk of carrying on as long as they could; there are the excuses and explanations from those that went racing in Cheltenham despite the storm; and on top of that lot, we’ll also look at why sport shouldn’t matter for a long time to come.

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