The Cost of Living – #BlackLivesMatter Ep.11

It may be an issue for social media hashtags and Facebook likes right now, but it’s an issue for black people every day. Thus on this week’s show we wanted to delve deeper and further into the black lives that are again having to beg and fight to merely matter. To discuss what’s happening in the United States and around the planet, we are joined by Reecie Colbert – the voice behind Black Women Views – and by psychologist, best-selling author, chartered Scientist and former NBA player John Amaechi. They look at a past of persecution, a present of many briefly peering in, and a future fear of this all going back to their normal.

Later on the episode, Eoin Ó Broin, one of the key voices and brains within Sinn Féin, is here to talk about what Ireland might look like with and without his party in power, but he’s also here to discuss private schools, Northern Irish poverty, the recent abortion vote, the murder of Paul Quinn, Wolfe Tones song, a hijacking of nationalism by the right, and a whole lot more.

Meanwhile in the monologue, Ewan looks at how fascism crept up on so many places around the world while the populous was entertained by the absurdity, only to cop on too late. The United States may be the latest, but as Donald Trump clutches a bible while continuing to create hell on earth for opponents, if he does believe in religion, that notion of hell should be bothering him greatly.

Time Stamps
20.51 – Monologue
29.12 – Black lives with Reecie Colbert and John Amaechi
1:29.51 – Eoin Ó Brion interview

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