The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations – Ep.8

The truth stands naked, but while it’s not always pretty, that’s not a good enough reason to look away.Therefore this week we head to Hungary where AFP journalist Peter Murphy and Andrew Stroehlein, European Media Director of Human Rights Watch, join us to talk about the man known as the Viktator, Viktor Orban. For right at the heart of the EU there’s now a dictatorship which is allowed by some, helped along by others, and even looked at with admiration and aspiration by a certain few.

Later on the show we move to boxing, sort of. Michael O’Toole, crime correspondent of the Irish Star, tells us the truth about Daniel Kinahan, his cartel, his threats and his violence, while Kieran Cunningham and Philip O’Connor talk to Ewan about his relationship with the sport as the sweet science is being used to wash away the blood and make major gains.

Also on the show we’ll be discussing a crazy weekend of UFC, where the veil slipped on their business as Covid was caught, fighters were legally stopped from expressing concern, and journalists were halted from saying a bad word.

On top of that lot, there’s the monologue as Ewan looks at the most basic life lessons taught to kids everywhere that are absent from our expectations and our judgments of the political classes, leading to the most vulnerable being left to rot.

Time stamps.
17.54 – Monologue
27.04 – It’s off to Hungary as Viktor Organ again sees opportunity in crisis.
1:08.06 – The sports show begins with Daniel Kinahan, boxing and blood.
1:37.42 – UFC’s business model somehow out-uglies violence.

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