Win, But At What Cost? – Ep.10

This week we’re off first to the Middle-East, a place that can be difficult at the best of times, but these they most certainly are not. David Sheen and Budour Hassan join us from Haifa and Jerusalem, as Benjamin Netanyahu’s corruption trial begins. Despite this, he’s used the pandemic to grab more power, drag the left into his far-right alliance, and make further threats and promises against Palestinians and even his own who dare to take a stand.

Next door in Gaza, Hana Salah is on the line as Covid records its first death in the most densely populated place on the planet. With blockades, politics and war leading to a crippled health system – and with no way out and no real help coming in – more disaster may sadly await.

In sport, we’re joined for a lengthy and exclusive interview with Floyd Landis as the Tour de France winner (for a while anyway) talks Lance, life, doping, anti-doping, reaching rock bottom, the climb back, athlete welfare, bike motors, and marijuana. And that’s just for starters.

Meanwhile in the monologue, Ewan looks at the hastening erosion of democracy as so many in power have seen this as a massive opportunity in crisis to make gains at the expense of the most basic freedoms, while also stripping away even the rouse of equality.

Time Stamps:
18.30 – Monologue.
29.02 – The power grab and the louder threats in and from Israel.
58.50 – Covid catastrophe the latest cocern for those in Gaza.
1:14.50 – Floyd Landis interview.

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