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Lifestyle And Wellbeing Podcasts

The ConverSayTrans Podcast

ConverSayTrans, which is an intergenerational podcast series exploring trans culture. The podcast developed by The Stairlings Collective with funding from Create in collaboration with TENI with continued participation of the trans community, explores invisible histories and culture through intergenerational dialogue and archival materials. Having worked closely with members of the trans community over the last two years the collective recognises the need for intergenerational dialogue and community care for trans people and this podcast aims to be one part of this.

The Diagnosing Ireland Podcast

Covid-19 has cast a spotlight on Ireland’s health service like never before. The added pressure of a global pandemic has exposed cracks in the system that cannot be ignored. In this monthly show hosted by Yvonne Redmond, we hear untold stories and fresh perspectives from industry insiders, explore how Ireland compares to international best practices and ask when it comes to healthcare: what do we get right, get wrong and how do we close the gap?

The Glow West Podcast

Glow West is a podcast that explores sex, sexuality, and the body, through a sexual wellness perspective. The podcast shines a soft light on many aspects of sex related issues, and offers a space for calm, informed conversations. Guests include activists, sex educators, academics, sex workers, sexual health experts, and more. Glow West is hosted by Dr. Caroline West, who has a PhD and an MA in Sexuality Studies.

The Two Norries Podcast

The Two Norries Podcast is hosted by James Leoonard and Timmy Long from north west Cork City and is themed around mental health, addiction and social issues.

The Covid Care Podcast

The Covid Care podcast looks at the experiences of people who either provided care or accessed care during the Covid 19 lockdown in Ireland earlier in 2020. These episodes speak to people across Ireland, who share their stories of the realities of lockdown beyond Netflix and making banana bread. From those in direct provision, carers, sexual health services, parents, domestic violence services and more, we see how isolating and difficult lockdown was for people who were availing of care services, or who cared for others. As we face an uncertain future of further lockdowns and possible curtailment of services again, the lessons and experiences contained within these conversations are essential listening if we wish to care for vulnerable people in a holistic way.

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