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The Echo Chamber Podcast

The Echo Chamber Podcast, hosted by Tony Groves and Martin McMahon, brings you the voices you need to hear from the Venn Diagram of News, Politics and Culture. Always serious, yet always entertaining, we explore the issues of the day, the problems facing us in society and talk real solutions in a way you won’t hear anywhere else. Often irreverent, each episode aims to bring a unique perspective, break through the PR fog and set the record straight. This is Ireland as it is and Ireland as it can be. So join the fastest growing independent News and Politics podcast. You won’t be sorry you did. Enjoy!

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Recent episodes...

1106. Sweet Anna Liffey

Please join us at It’s not that long ago that the Liffey was a thriving salmon fishing river. But in only a few decades,

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1070. Dirty Old Town?

Please join us at Trade Unionist, Activist, and a favourite sparring partner of Martin, Mr Brendan Ogle, came over to the tortoise shack for

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1033. From Darkness into Bleak

Please Join us at Listener favourite (and tortoise shack’s Royal Correspondent), Professor Richard Murphy, rejoins us to talk about the state of UK politics

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1014. Taking Down Air BnB

Please join us at There is a huge shortage of rental properties across the country, yet thousands of potential homes are illegally let on

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