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#GE2020 – Law & Order?

While the campaign has failed to spark in terms of any noticeable political vision, external events are dominating the political news. With two shootings in as many days and a brutality never seen before in Ireland has people questioning if Fine Gael can claim their self-appointed title of the Party of Law & Order.

We discuss this, the failure of the opposition to make any inroads and the Sinn Féin handling if the Paddy Holohan affair.

Then we are joined by Green Party candidate for Mayo, Saoirse McHugh and later Solidarity candidate for Dublin South West, Sandra Fay.

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A Homelessness Election?

In an enlightening conversation in The Tortoise Shack our guests are Historian, Feminist and Assistant Professor at UCD’s Gender Studies Dr Mary McAuliffe and Associate Professor at the School of Law and Government at DCU, member of the Policing Authority and one of the driving forces of lawyers for choice, Dr Vicky Conway. They talk through the origins of the RIC, the events of that era and how many of the decisions made then have gone on to shape the State we live in today, including our current police force.

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Joao Pina
Left Unity #GE2020

#GE2020 has kicked off and so has our coverage. We will be bringing you pods, interviews, analysis and more over the campaign. To start we were joined by Joao Pina, Deputy Vice-Leader of the Socialist Party. He talks us through how after 40 years of a Right wing government the Left united. He explains how their success is measured by how well the poor are doing and not by how rich the already wealthy are getting. This is a real eye opener for all on the Left and a wake up call against media complacency.


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Dr Mary McAuliffe
Dr Vicky Conway

In an enlightening conversation in The Tortoise Shack our guests are Historian, Feminist and Assistant Professor at UCD’s Gender Studies Dr Mary McAuliffe and Associate Professor at the School of Law and Government at DCU, member of the Policing Authority and one of the driving forces of lawyers for choice, Dr Vicky Conway. They talk through the origins of the RIC, the events of that era and how many of the decisions made then have gone on to shape the State we live in today, including our current police force.

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Paul McCormack Cooney

The Climate Crisis became the biggest movement for change in 2019. Our guest in The Tortoise Shack is a concerned parent who got engaged and active with Extinction Rebellion, Paul McCormack Cooney.

He tells us why he got involved, how the group works and what they want to achieve.

We discuss some of their actions, the perception of XR and what next for the climate protests.

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Orla O’Doherty
Debbie Brown

Happy New Year! Our first podcast of 2020 is with our first married couple, European Masters Champion, Orla O’Doherty and three-time US National Champion, Debbie Brown. While we saw some phenomenal achievements for Women’s Sport in 2019, there is still a vast gap in terms of participation and recognition. Debbie and Orla, aside from being unbelievably accomplished, are trying to help close those gaps. This is an inspirational story and also a call to action. Can’t see, can’t be. Thanks ladies.

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Review & Predictions

A Tortoise Shack crossover pod for Christmas. Some highs and lows for 2019 and we share our social, political and personal goals for 2020.

A huge thank you to all our listeners. We are so appreciative of every share, recommendation and suggestion.

Special mention to our patreon members, Echo, Reboot and DTP wouldn’t exist without your showing that you believe in it.

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Dawn Foster
What’s Next?

Yes, the Tory’s won. But it’s really not all that bad, is it? Our guest in The Tortoise Shack is writer, commentator and friend of the pod, Dawn Foster. We discuss reasons to be optimistic, learnings from the campaign, the first past the post system, the weaponistaion of antisemitism and who the likely next leader of the Labour Party might be.

Dawn is without doubt one of the best Left voices in UK politics and we are very grateful to her for her time.

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John Harris

You can’t move forward if you don’t take the right learnings from what has just happened. Our guest is award winning Guardian Columnist and Political Commentator, John Harris and he see reasons for optimism in the results of and lessons from the recent British General Election.

We talk about how the Left needs to remake itself from the grassroots up and how people who see socialism as part of there everyday lived experience are the best way to show those who thought the Corbyn vision too outlandish that alternatives are viable.

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Sarah El Said

Hate speech, othering and “acceptable” racism is on the rise. We see so many examples of how it has gained and is gaining power across the globe. Our guest in The Tortoise Shack is recent graduate in Public Policy, Political Aide and the proud daughter of a Ryan and a Said, Sarah El Said. Sarah talks about her experience of growing up with mixed heritage, finding her dual identity and how having access to two cultures is a strength, not a weakness.

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Sinéad Burke

Our guest in The Tortoise Shack in this very special (Echo Chamber & Disturbing the Peace crossover) podcast is educator, advocate, superstar and proud Finglas woman, Sinéad Burke.

Sinéad talks about what drives her and how pushing herself to go to where people are to educate and advocate makes a much greater impact. She shares her experiences of living as a little person and some of the brilliant ideas she has for tackling prejudices and access inequalities.

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Dr Austin O’Carroll

The Tortoise Shack got to sit down with GP, founder of Safetynet Ireland, former paralympian and true living legend, Dr Austin O’Carroll. The Doc came into talk about his remarkable life, his work in Dublin’s inner city and the incredible role he’s playing now in bringing care to where it is most needed, via mobile health clinics and more. We also talk about his coming to terms with his own disability after his mother was given thalidomide while she was pregnant and how that drove him. This is a super conversation with a true local hero. Thanks, Doc.

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Housing Solutions

The Government often hide their failures in housing by changing the language. Instead of new houses the say housing solutions. They say affordable housing, but don’t mention that they redefined this to no longer mean affordable, it’s simply discounted.

So at our packed out live show we decided to put forward REAL housing solutions with a panel who know what they’re talking about. We cover where we really are, where the current policies are leading us and how we can fix it. This is a must listen for everyone, especially the Minister, Eoghan Murphy.

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Patrick Freyne

It’s easy to just follow the news ticker as we scroll through our self-curated feeds. But our guest in The Tortoise Shack, short story and essay writer, as well features journalist with the Irish Times, Patrick Freyne takes time over his subjects and can give us a deeper insight to the people living just beyond the headlines.

Patrick talks to us about his work, choosing his subjects or how they choose him and why he keeps one foot in the door of social media. This is a lovely meandering interview with one of the best features writers around.

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Clodagh Daly

While attention for the need for Climate Action has never been more “in” at the moment, we are struggling to find the means to tackle the bureaucratic system that protects the status quo.

Our guest is Researcher, Campaigner and works for environmental & climate justice in UCD, Clodagh Daly. Clodagh was part of the recent unsuccessful Climate Action Case taken to the High Court about our Governments failures to meet their Carbon Emission Reduction Targets.

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Bogus Self Employment
Oireachtas Committee

A couple of weeks ago Martin was in front of the Oireachtas Committee on Bogus Self Employment. We’ve had a few requests to make the audio of his presentation available. So here you go.

You can hear him breakdown how this web of vested interests constructed a model that waters down employee rights and drains the exchequer of tax contributions. This is another step in what has been a marathon journey for Martin. Perseverance could learn a lot from Martin McMahon about stickability.

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Dunnes Stores
Anti-Apartheid Strikes

On the 19th of July 1984 in Dunnes Stores on Henry Street, sales assistant Mary Manning, following an instruction from her Union, refused to handle goods from apartheid South Africa. She couldn’t have known then how this act of solidarity would change her life, and the lives of those 11 brave women (and 1 man!) forever. They went on to be called the most dangerous shop workers in the world, and that’s what they are.

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The Wiley Fox

The Tortoise Shack went back to the Wiley Fox for a live podcast in front of a terrific audience that contained lots of familiar faces. The show featured an engaging conversation with Head of Services with Ana Liffey, Dawn Russell and GP for Sensible Drug Policies, Dr Garrett McGovern.

We talk about the failed war on drugs, what harm reduction means and why the government really aren’t serious in their current proposals.

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Paul Murphy

Our guest in The Tortoise Shack is RISE and Socialist TD for Dublin South West, Paul Murphy.

We talk his new political grouping RISE, his plans for working with other parties of the Left (as Paul sees them), potential coalitions, the split cliche and the troubling rise (no pun intended) of Far Right elements in Irish politics and our wider society.

This robust podcast goes from Marxism to Extinction Rebellion and on to Alt Right agitators.

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Cathal Curry

What if you could help end street homelessness by just a few clicks?

Our guest in The Tortoise Shack is Cathal Curry, one of the people behind, a brilliant new tool that you can download to your phones or Google Chrome extension and every time you shop in over 1,200 retail units between 1 and 10% of your purchase price goes to Inner City Helping Homelessness.

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Zak Moradi

Born in Iraq to Iranian parents, who had fled war only to have to flee again, but this time to Carrick-on-Shannon, our guest in the tortoise shack is a hurler with Tallaght’s Thomas Davis & Leitrim and very proud Kurdish-Irish man, Zak Moradi.

Zak talks to us about his incredible journey, the current situation between Turkey, Syria and the Kurdish people and the loves of his life, the GAA.

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Collie Ennis

When South Dublin County Council said the silt they dumped on what was then a thriving wetlands they pretty much said they did it because that’s what they’d always done. But our guest in The Tortoise Shack, Science officer for the Herpetological Society of Ireland, zoology research associate with TCD and host of The Critter Shed Pod, Collie Ennis says that type of thinking must end.

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Lenny Abrahamson

Our guest in The Tortoise Shack is writer, director, filmmaker and proud dog owner, Lenny Abrahamson.

No spoilers except to say that this is a little bit special.


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The Irish Council
of Civil Liberties

The Government’s decision to “fight” the Data Protection Commissioners ruling that the Public Services Card is illegal could have severe consequence for our privacy, pockets and international reputation.

Joining us in The Tortoise Shack from the Irish Council of Civil Liberties is Executive Director, Liam Herrick and Lawyer and digital rights expert, Elizabeth Farries.

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