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1070. Dirty Old Town?

Please join us at Trade Unionist, Activist, and a favourite sparring partner of Martin, Mr Brendan Ogle, came over to the tortoise shack for

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1. Shrapnel Returns

Please join us at Shrapnel Returns. As a soft launch Sam and Gareth decided to talk about the NI conflict, its legacy and some

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6. Civic Engagement

Please Join Us at Within the text of the Good Friday/Belfast Agreement there is provision for engagement with civic society, intended to foster better

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3. Integrated Education

Join us at The Good Friday Agreement pledged “to facilitate and encourage integrated education” as an essential part of creating “a culture of tolerance

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2. Policing

Please join us at Join Emma in conversation with Daniel Holder, Director at the Committee on the Administration of Justice, to explore post-conflict and

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Echo 1000

Here it is, our 1000th Episode. Thanks for listening, sharing, liking, hating and helping us highlight, fight and tackle the issues that matter as an

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1. The Bill of Rights

Please join us on The Good Friday Agreement sought to make real the concept of a rights-based society in Northern Ireland. Human rights commitments

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Lost in Implementation

Lost in implementation is a limited six-part series exploring the unfinished work of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement. While focus for the 25th anniversary is on

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7. Untangling Identity

In this episode, Niamh speaks with Marie Moran, assistant professor in Equality Studies, and director of University College Dublin’s Equality Studies Centre. Marie is author

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4. Eilís Ward: Self

– Please support this podcast by joining us on In this episode, Rosie talks with Eilís Ward, formerly of the Department of Political Science

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2. Whittled Away

In this episode, Rosie talks with Pádraic Fogarty, campaigns officer at the Irish Wildlife Trust and editor of ‘Irish Wildlife’ Magazine, about his book, Whittled

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13. Lauren Kerr

This week on the Shrapnel Podcast I am joined by Lauren Kerr. Lauren was an Ulster Unionist Party candidate for East Belfast in the early

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19. Fiddlesticks

This week join us as we have our weekly girly catch up/group therapy session. We review new movie releases like the Woman King before getting

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11. Danielle Roberts

This week’s guest Danielle Roberts is currently researching a PhD on barriers to political participation among women from a Protestant, unionist and loyalist background. Her

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8. Prof Olwen Purdue

This week on the Shrapnel Podcast we are joined by Professor Olwen Purdue, who specialises in the social and economic history of nineteenth and twentieth-century

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17. Adulting

Join the girls as they get together for their end of week catch up after a busy week of adulting and managing a 9-5. They

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899. Ireland’s Future

Join us at On Saturday October 1st at 1pm in Dublin’s 3 Arena, Ireland’s Future will host the largest public meeting about the plans

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Ep.7 Craig Murray

Craig Murray is curator for the Duxford historical site at the Imperial War Museum Duxford, working within the Cold War and Late 20th Century team.

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5. Eddie Kinner

(Note: The lads open the podcast with their thoughts on the death of Queen Elizabeth, interview starts at minute 10 approx) Eddie Kinner is a

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15. Connection

Join the girls this week as they catch up and hear all about Benita’s trip to Zimbabwe. They delve into the realities of boarding school

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3. Paul Wilson

Paul Wilson is the son of the late SDLP politician Senator Paddy Wilson. Senator Wilson and his Protestant friend Irene Andrews were brutally murdered by

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872. Problems In Common

This packed Tortoise Shack Live Show featured a fantastic panel of Dublin Inquirer journalist, Shamim Malekmian, Shrapnel co-host, Sam Mcilwaine, Dr Arsalan Shahid and Threshold’s

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Summer Daze

This week the Built Different girls are down a host while Benita lives her best life in Zimbabwe. Joella and Deborah are back taking a

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861. Frack Off LNG

Joining us to discuss the recent and their message of Frack Off to LNG are Founder and Director of, Julia Walsh, Educator and

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Keep On Living

Welcome back to another episode of built different. In this episode we talk about a mixture of topics. Ranging from the differences in school in

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844. Chicken Little…

You may have seen the investigation into the ‘Potential fraud’ in poultry farm planning applications: Joining me to discuss this, the damage it can cause

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6. Toxic Beauty

In this episode, we talk about the struggles about beauty standards lashes, hair and makeup. This led to talking about the new buzz words ‘aesthetic’

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Much Stranger Things

It was a pleasure to be joined by Dublin Inquirer Reporter, Shamim Malekmian, Barrister & Human Rights Activist, Séana Grant and the Political Poll Boss,

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Policing Sex Work

On this episode of Policed The Beat, Vicky is joined by Echo Chamber Cohost, Tony Groves and Director of, Lucy Smith. They discuss the

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785. The Kinahan Cartel

(Recorded and released for members on Tuesday Apr 12th) Today we witnessed an unprecedented international police action against the Kinahan Drug and Crime Group. Joining

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We’re Back…

We’re are backkkkkkk!!! After a long hiatus, we’re coming back with another episode and are joined by the lovely Deborah. In this episode we talk

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