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1290. The Locals

Please join us at Filmmaker and newly appointed Centrist Dad*, Luke McManus, rejoins us to discuss his latest doc, The Locals, which goes out

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357. Rory’s Return

Please join us at In this Reboot Republic podcast, Rory talks with Tony about the last few weeks of his candidacy for the Midlands

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#34- Jonathan Smith

Please join us at The Ballymunners are joined by aul beardy blue balls himself, Jonathan Smith, for a chat about everything from Cuba to

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8. The Saddest Eid

Please join us at As Israeli forces withdrew from Khan Younis, after four months of military operations they were ambushed by Palestinian fighters. Israel,

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1233. Dirty Water

Please join us at Tommy Greene has covered the dangers posed to drinking water due to the environmental collapse of Lough Neagh well before

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#14 – Irene Dunne

Please join us at In this episode Dean and Sparky chat with the very colourful Irene Dunne. Snippets of Irene’s voice messages can be

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#17 – The Agreement

Please join us at Sparky and Dean explore where the agreements in society come from. Are they important and what happens to our reality

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#18 – Stephen Magee / Great Days

We invite you up to Magical Hill for food, chat and one of those great days with Stephen Magee. (tortoiseshack-ie-freshbatch): Play in new window

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#19 – The Great and Powerful Oz

Please join us at Sparky’s back from the land down under. What adventures did he have..? (tortoiseshack-ie-freshbatch): Play in new window | Download

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#22 John Rooney

Please join us at We are blessed to sit and chat with John Rooney in his home in Mulranny, Co. Mayo. Originally from Coolock

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#24 – Damien Dempsey

Please join us at In this very special episode of The Fresh Batch, Dean and Sparky chat with their longtime friend; singer-songwriter, Damien Dempsey.

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344. Stand Together

Please join us at Together for Diversity not Hate: March 2nd Dublin In this Podcast, Rory talks with the organisers of the Solidarity March

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3. All We Want is the Earth

Please help us keep the mics on In this wide-ranging conversation, Rosie talks with Patrick Bresnihan and Naomi Millner about their wonderful co-authored book

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Reintroducing Múscailt – Season 2

Tickets for Podcasts for Palestine: Múscailt is a podcast of interviews with scholars and writers who are raising important questions about Irish society through

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1166. Reviewing 2023 with The Ditch

Tickets for Podcasts for Palestine: Merry Ditchmas and a Happy New Media Landscape The Ditch have had a year. From exposing political corruption to getting

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12. Christmas in Palestine

Please join us at PalCast co-hosts Yousef Aljamal, Helena Cobban and producer Tony Groves had a wonderful and uplifting discussion with Philip Farah, who

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Shrapnel Fragments – Ep.2

Please join us at In the second episode of Fragments Sam and Gareth answered some interesting questions from listeners. Topics addressed included youth subcultures

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1150. The Care Champions

Please join us at We were joined by two wonderful people, Margo and Majella of Care Champions, to discuss the proposed investigation into residential

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David Adams

Please join us at David Adams is a former loyalist politician who as a leading member of the Ulster Democratic Party was hugely influential

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3. The History of Hamas

Please join us at This conversation delves into the founding of Hamas, its view of itself, its designation by different actors/nation states and the

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Billy Hutchinson

Please join us at Billy Hutchinson is the former leader of the Progressive Unionist Party and was a key figure in the negotiation of

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Blood on the Dancefloor

Please join us at Jordan Dunbar is a Northern Ireland born and London based BBC journalist, presenter and documentary maker. His recent documentary for

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The Ghost Limb

Please join us at Claire Mitchell is a writer and researcher from Belfast. Her recent book The Ghost Limb was published in 2022 to

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1070. Dirty Old Town?

Please join us at Trade Unionist, Activist, and a favourite sparring partner of Martin, Mr Brendan Ogle, came over to the tortoise shack for

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1. Shrapnel Returns

Please join us at Shrapnel Returns. As a soft launch Sam and Gareth decided to talk about the NI conflict, its legacy and some

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6. Civic Engagement

Please Join Us at Within the text of the Good Friday/Belfast Agreement there is provision for engagement with civic society, intended to foster better

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3. Integrated Education

Join us at The Good Friday Agreement pledged “to facilitate and encourage integrated education” as an essential part of creating “a culture of tolerance

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2. Policing

Please join us at Join Emma in conversation with Daniel Holder, Director at the Committee on the Administration of Justice, to explore post-conflict and

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Echo 1000

Here it is, our 1000th Episode. Thanks for listening, sharing, liking, hating and helping us highlight, fight and tackle the issues that matter as an

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1. The Bill of Rights

Please join us on The Good Friday Agreement sought to make real the concept of a rights-based society in Northern Ireland. Human rights commitments

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Lost in Implementation

Lost in implementation is a limited six-part series exploring the unfinished work of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement. While focus for the 25th anniversary is on

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7. Untangling Identity

In this episode, Niamh speaks with Marie Moran, assistant professor in Equality Studies, and director of University College Dublin’s Equality Studies Centre. Marie is author

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4. Eilís Ward: Self

– Please support this podcast by joining us on In this episode, Rosie talks with Eilís Ward, formerly of the Department of Political Science

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2. Whittled Away

In this episode, Rosie talks with Pádraic Fogarty, campaigns officer at the Irish Wildlife Trust and editor of ‘Irish Wildlife’ Magazine, about his book, Whittled

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13. Lauren Kerr

This week on the Shrapnel Podcast I am joined by Lauren Kerr. Lauren was an Ulster Unionist Party candidate for East Belfast in the early

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19. Fiddlesticks

This week join us as we have our weekly girly catch up/group therapy session. We review new movie releases like the Woman King before getting

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11. Danielle Roberts

This week’s guest Danielle Roberts is currently researching a PhD on barriers to political participation among women from a Protestant, unionist and loyalist background. Her

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