Glow West Podcast

The Glow West Podcast

Glow West is a podcast that explores sex, sexuality, and the body, through a sexual wellness perspective. The podcast shines a soft light on many aspects of sex related issues, and offers a space for calm, informed conversations. Guests include activists, sex educators, academics, sex workers, sexual health experts, and more. Glow West is hosted by Dr. Caroline West, who has a PhD and an MA in Sexuality Studies.

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Referendum Refelections

This episode looks back at the Marriage Equality and Abortion Referendums in Ireland. Listen to my chat with grassroots campaigners Tracey and Karen, as we discuss how they got involved, the highlights and lowlights of the campaigns, and processing it all.

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Melted Dildos
Shawna Scott

This week marks the first live podcast for Glow West and it was a joint event with the wonderful Rachel O’Neill from Disturbing the Peace podcast.

We chatted to Shawna Scott from premier Irish sex toy shop

Listen in to find out what happens when you melt a dildo, how to identify body safe toys and what is’t like to be a sex toy retailer in Ireland.

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Lenny Abrahamson

It was a great treat to be joined for another of our Tortoise Shack Live in #LockDown podcasts by filmmaker, director and Live Line content creator, Lenny Abrahamson. Caroline, Tony and Martin ask Lenny about the (unforeseen?) success of Normal People, the good and bad reactions to the sex scenes and the thought and care that went into the consent putting consent on screen.

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Juicy Lucy
Dry Dora

Joan Price is a 76 year old sex educator and author of Sex After Grief, and Naked at Our Age. She joins Caroline to discuss how she became a sex educator in her 50s, how to maintain an active sex life, the negative impact of Viagra, and safe sex. She also discusses how to have sex after bereavement.

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Sex Work
Adeline Berry

Joining us in episode three is the amazing Adeline Berry, who is trans, intersex, and a sex worker. She joins Caroline to discuss identity, labour, and the politics of running a dungeon and fighting for sex worker rights. Addy also discusses how art can be a medium for change as well as stress relief.

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Herpes and Me
Jenelle Marie Pierce

Join us for episode two where Caroline chats with Jenelle Marie Pierce from the In this episode, Jenelle discusses her work to spread awareness of sexually transmitted infections, and shares her experience of living with herpes. Jenelle also talks about the need for education that covers STIs in a calm way, and how to banish shame and stigma.

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Wetter is Better
Samantha Evans

This first episode of Glow West features an interview with Samantha Evans. Sam is a sex educator who is passionate about sexual health and wellness, and she also runs an online sex shop called We chat about why not all lube is good lube, what body safe toys are, why orgasms are important for overall wellness, and why we need to stop faking orgasms.

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Glow West

Welcome along to Glow West, the podcast that talks about sex, sexuality and the body from a sexual wellness perspective. Every week Dr Caroline West will shine a soft light on on many aspects of sex related issues. Guests include activists, sex educators, academics, sex workers, sexual health experts and more. In this short trailer you’ll hear from intersex and transgender sex worker, Addy Berry, about what intersex means, sex work, what happens in a dungeon and how art is therapy. You’ll also hear from Co-founder of sex toy company, Jo Divine, Samantha Evans, about sex education, the effect of medication on sexual wellness, talking to your doctor and lubrication.

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Tortoise Shack Remote
Vibes & Scribes

Martin, Rachel, Caroline, Ruth and Tony talk Comrade Britney, social distancing, the Covid-19 elephant in the room, the bare necessities and ways to get that beach body in time for summer, 2022. Not for little ears, but we had a great laugh.

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