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The Glow West Podcast

Glow West is a podcast that explores sex, sexuality, and the body, through a sexual wellness perspective. The podcast shines a soft light on many aspects of sex related issues, and offers a space for calm, informed conversations. Guests include activists, sex educators, academics, sex workers, sexual health experts, and more. Glow West is hosted by Dr. Caroline West, who has a PhD and an MA in Sexuality Studies.

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Recent episodes...

Wrap it up! Ep 114

Condoms, French letters, Johnnies- whatever you call them, condoms are an important part of sexual wellness. Joining me to discuss this topic is Mike Taylor

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Victim Blaming: Ep 89

While we must talk about sexual violence, we also need to talk about what happens afterwards. Victim blaming is prolific in many societies, and has a devastating

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