Tortoise Shack Sunday Special

August and the Dáil recess is usually a quiet time in the news. But Covid changed everything. So we got the growing Tortoise Shack family together, in front of an online audience of our members, to discuss what is happening. We discuss the racist attack on the Canal, the ‘illegal eviction’, the Tanaiste’s dogwhistle, Mr Brightside Day Drinking and creeping Covid-19 numbers.

Linda Hayden of our new podcast, The PAC Woman Podcast talks about living in a second lockdown. Caroline West of The Glow West Podcast breaks down the after effects of her having Covid-19 five months on. Then another new contributor, Vicky Conway (new podcast Policed, Coming Soon) talks about the Garda response to the eviction and the attack on the canal. Tony and Martin were also there.

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