10. Gaza: 200 Days of Genocide

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Hebh Aljamal, who grew up in New York, is a remarkable Palestinian-American journalist, who currently lives in Germany and is shockingly facing legal prosecution because of her Palestine activism.
In this episode of PalCast, Yousef Aljamal, Helena Cobban and Tony Groves speak about the German position on Israel in relation to its history, and their declared commitment to human rights!
From Berlin to New York and elsewhere in the US, pro-Palestine protesters are sending a clear message: We are with Palestine. The German police responds by shutting down the Berlin Congress on Palestine, where Hebh was speaking, and the administration of Columbia University in the US responds by calling the police on students. We talk about all these issues and how they are building up to the end of apartheid in Palestine after 200 days of genocide in Gaza.
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