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10. Policed in Ireland – A Voice for Niall

The Policed Podcast In March of 2019, 4 hours after he was released from Garda custody for a public order offence, 20 year old Niall took his own life on the family farm. This week his mother, Johanna bravely and powerfully speaks to us about what kind of young man Niall was, the struggle they’ve had to find out from GardaĆ­ what exactly happened, and the concerns they have about how young people are being handled by police. Dr Roxanna Dehaghini, Cardiff University and Doireann Ansbro of the Irish Council of Civil Liberties give crucial context on this harrowing story.

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  1. This was a heavy burden for any youngster to carry. Two public order offences in a short space of time. It is tragic that he could not share this with his parents, who could have emotionally supported him and sought legal advice. The tragedy is much more telling about the boy’s relationship with his parents and I think it requires some cold reflection by the parents who may not find all the answers they want from the GardaĆ­ top brass.

  2. Heartbreaking story for any parent. The response of gardai is all too familiar however, i.e. feeling need to protect the institution rather than open engagement, which is all people want, and which ultimately protects the institution better in the long run.

    • Such a heartbreaking story . It’s just too sad. . May god comfort his devastated family. The least that should happen when a young person is arrested is that their next of kin should be notified. May your gentle sensitive soul rest in Peace Niall.

  3. Really heartbreaking story for any parent. Garda response has echoes of so many institutional responses we hear of, i.e. to protect institution rather than open engagement which is all people want, and which ultimately does not actually pose any threat to the organisation.

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