101. Public Health: The Missing COVID Strategy with Dr Niamh Cummins

This Reboot Republic talks to Dr Niamh Cummins, an educator and public health researcher specialising in health services research. Niamh explains the role and importance of ‘public health’ in responding to pandemics such as COVID19. She outlines how the Irish Public Health system was inadequately resourced to respond to the pandemic, with public health specialists not being given Consultant contracts nor the required autonomy and resources to chase and trace the virus.

We are, Naimh explains, ‘papering over the cracks’ as the ‘chickens have come home to roost’ with the COVID crisis in Ireland which has been worsened as a result of decades of underinvestment in public health, the two tier health system, the trolley crisis and ‘corridor medicine’, waiting lists and wider societal inequalities. Niamh also criticises the ‘mandemic’ approach with the absence of women’s voices and concerns and gender discrimination within the COVID response. But as Niamh says, Ireland has to change, and we are going to make it change. A really important listen.

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