1024. Burning the Amazon With Irish Taxpayers Money

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Did you know that the IDA have paid almost ten million euro of our money to a company that is pumping billions into fossil fuels? It’s true. Citigroup are the second biggest financers of the fossil fuel industry in the world and they are tap, tap, tapping away in Dublin, only the destruction is in the Amazon.
Joining us to discuss what is happening, how it works and the ways we can stop it is climate finance director with stand.earth Richard Brooks. I get the feeling we’ll be talking with Richard again soon.
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  1. Hi, I wonder if you make citations available anywhere for the Echo Chamber Podcast. Specifically, I’ve been looking for sources on the claims that the IDA have given 10 million euro to Citi and that in November 2022 Ireland requested for its finance sector to be made exempt from the UN’s corporate sustainability standards. Thanks.

    • Howdt, no is the answer. I do all of the post-production myself. I do engage on a 1to1 basis with our members because they are members. But I can tell you that the €9.9m figure was confirmed by the IDA in response to a PQ submitted by Paul Murphy.

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