1089. Queens University Belfast and the Tory’s “hostile environment” for Asylum Seekers

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Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party, Lee Anderson, recently said that Asylum Seekers disgruntled with the inhumane conditions of so-called Floatels should “fuck off back to France” and his Party backed him
Now, thanks to our guest, Professor of Green Economy and member of the UCU at Queens University Belfast, John Barry, we know that the company, Corporate Travel Management (CTM), who were recently granted a £1.6 billion contract to run the Tory Party “hostile environment” asylum system is also providing travel services to Queens!
John outlines the ethical concerns he and his colleagues have and why they do not want to be seen to be legitimising a company like CTM. We talk about the need for QUB to end the contract, find out how the deal was procured in the first place and implement a more ethical process going forward as a starting point.
Worth also noting that some recent reports have the Irish Govt looking at similar “floatel” solutions. From ending Direct Provision, to DP on a barge.
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  1. Hi Tony (& Martin),

    Stumbled across this recent podcast regarding UK’s Hostile Environment.

    Fantastic episode, anyway, part of the way through you were looking for a term to describe the behavior of either CTM or Queen’s University in how they were addressing the issue related to asylum seekers being held on prison hulks.

    The term you were looking for is: EthicsWashing

    This term conveys the idea that companies are attempting to wash away ethical concerns related to asylum seeker treatment or inhumane practices involving fellow human beings through misleading claims.

    EthicsWashing refers to the strategic efforts of companies to alleviate or eliminate ethical apprehensions connected to their treatment of asylum seekers or their involvement in practices deemed inhumane within the realm of human rights. These efforts typically involve the dissemination of misleading statements, gestures, or actions aimed at creating a façade of ethical conduct while potentially masking underlying issues. The term highlights the intention to present a sanitized image while sidestepping genuine ethical considerations.

    Best regards,


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