1111. Exclusive: Second Tree – Justice for Fatmata

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TW: Contains subjects that people may find upsetting. But please listen.
It was a great to be rejoined on the podcast by co-founder of secondtree.org Giovanni Fontana, to get an update on the campaign to get justice for Fatmata, who was shot and killed in April by a border police officer. There is, thanks to the work of Giovanni and others, some good news and a trial now looks likely. But the path to here has been exceptionally difficult, including the morgue asking for a bribe of €8,500 just to release Fatmata’s body. Giovanni speaks passionately and cogently about Fortress Europe, Frontex and the lethal barriers we, as voters, place in front of people seeking a better life. There is good in the world and second tree are a force for it. Thanks, Gio.
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