1138. Inside Al-Shifa Hospital with Mahmoud Mushtaha

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Journalist, Mahmoud Mushtaha, rejoined us from Al-Shifa Hospital to tell us about the latest inside the hospital. He explains how Doctors are coping under the most awful of circumstance and how some decisions need to be made given the lack of resources. He talks also of the loss of his friend, Yousef and how it made him want to quit his work entirely. Mahmoud, in a moment of personal grief, tells us that “Gaza is where dreams go to die” and it is so hard to hear. While there is so much bad right now in the world, people like Mahmoud need our help. Please don’t stop talking about Gaza.
The brilliant Gazan writer Muhammad Shehada joined us for a great chat. It’s out now here:https://www.patreon.com/posts/patron-exclusive-92284739

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