1154. Dublin Riots and a Gaza Ceasefire

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If you read the piece A Lucky Gazan Routine, that we posted a few days ago by 20 year old Literature Student, Noar Diab, then you’ll be familiar with her experiences of the last 49 days. If you haven’t then you can read it here:https://www.patreon.com/posts/free-to-all-noar-93352128
Noar joined us hours before the temporary ceasefire began to tell us about her story, her plans to travel, her passion for performing and her love/hate relationship with writing and how the Israeli destruction of Gaza has taken all of those dreams away. She is a remarkably strong young woman and this, despite the grimness of the subject, is an uplifting conversation.
We also open on some thoughts on the Dublin Riots and the heroism of many people yesterday.
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