1155. The Dublin Riots and the Ordinary Decent Heroes

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We said we’d return to the horrific attack on Parnell Square that injured several people and left a 5 year old child in critical condition, and the subsequent chaotic scenes that played out in Dublin city centre. So here it is. Our podcast with the best immigration reporter in the country, the Dublin Inquirer’s Shamim Malekmian, Green Party Cllr and former Dublin Lord Mayor, Hazel Chu and our bastion of sanity, Mr irishelectionprojections.com Harry McEvansoneya.
We delve into the topics of classism, racism, the far right opportunists, the medias soft-enabling of hate, the Garda response and resourcing issues and the good, bad and ugly politics that can’t be allowed to say that they couldn’t have seen this coming.
We also pay tribute to the real heroes, the group of strangers who came together and undoubtedly stopped what could have been an even worse act of reprehensible violence.
The latest from the UK with listener favourite, Prof Richard Murphy is out now:https://www.patreon.com/posts/patron-exclusive-93395024

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