1158. “Where is the International Community?” – Gaza and the morning from Hell

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In the first part of this podcast you will from journalist in Gaza, Mahmoud Mushtaha, about the very distressing events in Khan Younis and the flight of people who have already been displaced towards Rafah’s so-called ‘safe zone.’ Then you’ll hear from Younes Elhallaq, who is a 24 year old, who was completing his Degree in the now destroyed Islamic University of Gaza. Over the last 58 days he has lost his home, his friends and his future. Yet, as you’ll hear, he remains determined.
He joined me as the tanks were beginning to close in on where he is sheltering in Khan Younis, to talk about the current state of things in Gaza, the Israeli military offer of ‘displacement or death’ and why the lack of action from the international community has made many Palestinians question the credibility of our civilised world.
Full piece from Mahmoud Mushtaha is out now here:https://www.patreon.com/posts/patron-exclusive-93995610

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