1161. Irish Nationalism, Sinn Féin and the far right

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There has been a lot of nonsense by people who frankly haven’t a clue about the far right, their playbook and the ways to counter them. Our guest, researcher in global politics and extremist online subcultures, Joshua Molloy, ain’t one of them.
Josh wrote a fascinating piece recently about far right telegram channels, the links to the “new” Irish nationalism, how some are simply useful idiots of UK agitators and how Sinn Féin‘s rise into the mainstream has left a ‘gap in the market’ for a US/UK style right wing hate. He told us all about it.
Longtime listeners will know Josh from earlier episodes about how he fought alongside the Kurdish forces against ISIS in Iraq. That interview is available from the archive here:https://www.patreon.com/posts/patron-exclusive-94774386
The article referenced in this podcast is available here

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