1168. Tadhg Hickey on Gaza, Activist Art and being Honest about Dishonesty

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Actor, comedian, satirist and activist, Tadhg Hickey, has had a very big 2023. Whether it was a sold-out tour, viral sketches or appearances in some controversial places, he’s still, as he says himself, a work in progress.
In this podcast Tony and Tadhg talk about everything from Gaza to George Galloway and from recovery to helping others who have their own mental health struggles. I hope you enjoy listening to this chat as much as I did recording it.
Happy New Year to all of you and sincere thanks for sticking with us through what has been the most challenging year since the tortoise shack became an accidental platform. Love.
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  1. This was a great interview. On the matter of what’s the point of making podcasts like this when they probably have little impact on the massive national and global issues being discussed. I was mindful of a quote on reading when I was younger. “Why do we read? We read so we know we’re not alone” Well I often feel very isolated and alone in what I feel is an increasingly brutal and unforgiving world, where I feel I have little agency and when I listen to Tony’s podcasts and Tadhg’s comedy, I know I’m not alone, it reminds me there are still decent thoughtful caring people out there who haven’t sold out, tuned out, given up or given in and many, many people who feel passionately as I do about Palestine and many other important issues, despite being constantly made feel like I’m a powerless minority by the corporate media machine that surrounds us and stigmatises us for wanting a better world for everyone.

    Happy new year Tony and Taghg and keep on rocking in the free world. ✊

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