118. Creating Common Ground with Mamobo Ogoro

This Reboot Republic talks with Mamobo Ogoro, social psychologist, singer, artist and founder of new media platform, Gorm Media. The podcast opens with Mamobo singing an incredible version of the song ‘Home’, and she explains why that song means so much to her.

Mamobo grew up in Wexford, was born in Nigeria and is in her 3rd year of her PHD in the University of Limerick studying the media and social representations of multicultural people in Ireland. Mamobo talks about the ‘inbetween’ of being Afro-Irish, her experience growing up in Wexford and her desire for a more nuanced and inclusive conversation about multiculturalism in Ireland. She explains how Gorm Media is trying to get people to talk about Ireland’s ‘hush culture’. She feels we are at a crossroad in Ireland – we can follow other countries like the US or UK or we can create a country that respects and treats everyone with dignity and create our own language our own ways of building multicultural understanding.

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