1186. Who Do ‘far right’ voters vote for?

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We are all watching in horror as the Fisher Price, My First Fascist agitators gain momentum. We wonder if most of the self-identifying patriots are aware that their ringleaders get their instructions from washed-up British fascists? And we wonder why people who live in a rich country, yet feel poor, are directing their anger at immigrants and not the people in charge of the country? There’s also a narrative that Sinn Féin’s vote can be eroded by far right candidates in the upcoming elections. But, as you’re about to hear, the data doesn’t back it up. In fact it tells us that at the most recent general election the party that benefitted most from far right transfers are sitting on the government benches. Breaking this all down is the brilliant election nerd Harry McEvansoneya and the best reporter on the immigrant beat, Shamim Malekmian.
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Harry’s analysis here:https://irishelectionprojections.com/2023/12/23/leaked-eu-election-poll-and-some-other-thoughts/

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