1193. Baraa’s Story: From Gaza to Dublin – An “Unvetted Male of Fighting Age”

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CW: Contains subjects that listeners may find upsetting – But I’d urge you to listen.
About halfway through the Podcasts for Palestine show, Mazen Hania, mentioned that his friend, Baraa Al Bayary, who was in audience, wanted to say a few words. We of course obliged. So this podcast wasn’t planned or rehearsed; it was simply Baraa telling his story to a room of people who felt every word.
Please listen, please tell people about Baraa and remember that behind the howls about “unvetted men” are people like him. Wonderful people. Baraa’s story begins at about 15 minutes.
Also this podcast plays out with a stunning performance of ‘It’s Ok’ by the incredibly talented Ciarán Moran that he played on the night. Tears flowed.
Translations by Aziz Abusharkh
Editors note: Baraa swam from Turkey to Kos in Greece.
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