1196. Let It Bring Hope – The Free Derry Wall with SpiceBag and Pattern Up

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The last time we spoke with activist-artists, Pattern Up and Adam SpiceBag Doyle, they’d caused a lot of pearl clutching with their Crack Zone posters in Dublin. This time they’ve done something very different and very much appreciated us in the Shack. They’ve repainted the iconic Free Derry Wall with words from the poem of our friend Dr. Refaat Alareer, who was murdered by the Israeli military last December. A tribute to Refaat and a symbol of the solidarity between Ireland and Palestine, a shared struggle.
Not content with that, they then went to Belfast and installed a DUP urinal (now destroyed), because of course they did. Art and activism go hand in hand and Pattern Up and SpiceBag are developing quite the activist art portfolio. Yup!
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