1201. Homeless in Dublin, While my Family is Struggling in Gaza

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If you heard Baraa Albayari’s interview from Podcasts for Palestine, then you’d know that after he’d left Gaza and swam from Turkey to Kos in Greece, he’d wound up homeless on the streets of Dublin. You’d also know that we weren’t going to let that continue and things have improved a little now for him.
Joining Baraa in the shack for some pizza, some football on the tv and a catchup podcast are musician, activist and engineering student, Aziz Abushark and the Accidental Rapper himself. We find out how Baraa is doing since that night in the Sugar Club, we talk music as activism, why solidarity is still so strong with Palestine and we talk about the latest criminal scenes coming out of Rafah.
ICYMI: The chat plays out with the live recording of the guys.
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